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New era for ASM BJJ Association

Hello, I'm Kat and honored to manage now region of Europe for ASM BJJ Association. I'm really happy and exited to see how strong we are all together. As a results of hard work, specially of our Grand Master Marcos Tulio, like creating this web page by himself, managing team and all affiliations side off day work and managing many more things, I can see how ASM have take a big step for a new era and keep crowing super fast all around the world.

I want to thank our Grand Master Marcos Tulio for my position and recognization of my work for jiu jitsu. I'm really honored to be a part of this team and could not ask better support and quidance on the way of gentle art.

#asmbjj #grandmastermarcostulio #bjj #jiujitsu #nogi #mma #combatsports

Jiu Jitsu really changes lifes!


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