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Master Marcos Tulio Nunes da Rosa, 4th level Black Belt

Our founder Marcos Tulio started training BJJ in the early '90s when a friend invited him to take a part in a class taught by renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Ricardo Ribeiro, who was a brown belt at the time. After about a year, Tulio started his training with the legendary Ricardo De la Riva. During the '90s, Master Marcos Tulio kept developing himself and as he was also influenced and guided by Masters Jorge Vanzillotta and Sergio Penha. He took most of his No-Gi training with them. Master Tulio gradually started assisting his Masters in teaching the new students at the academy. In 2004, after receiving his black belt from the hands of Master De la Riva, with the blessing of Master Jorge Vanzillotta, Master Tulio moved to South Brazil to star teaching his own team, eventually establishing Arte Suave Milenar Association (ASM BJJ). Master Tulio has consistently fought in many tournaments in South Brazil and around the World. In 2005 he also his made his MMA debut in Berlin, being a first Brazilian to compete in MMA in Germany. His motto is to lead by example. 


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