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ASM BJJ - Guarda do Embau

Edson da Silva "Edinho" (Black Belt 3 degree) is the ASM Association responsible for the affiliates in South Brazil. He is responsible for guiding our students and athletes in their pursue for Jiu Jitsu development. He has followed the steps our Founder and fought in MMA as well as many fights in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments at the most import officials events in South Brazil, defending our team many times with amazing performances.


ASM BJJ - Aririu 

Gustavo Verissimo is an ASM Association athlete and professor. He has been training with us since the age of 13, being discovered in one of out Social Project. He has fought many tournaments in South Brazil. He has also fought in the UAE for a year and achieved a great international experience to improve the train in our team. 

ASM BJJ - Teutonia - RS


Arte Leve BJJ & MMA / ASM BJJ - Rio de Janeiro

Master Jorge Vanzillotta is the one whos tough many tuffs fighters during his career. Marcos Tulio meet him in 90's years to improve jiu jitsu, No Gi and MMA in his school. Master Jorge influenced Marcos to fight MMA and be a Professor. Nowadays after many years we have his legacy.

Claiton Crovatto  is an ASM Association athlete, professor and MMA former. He has been training with us since white belt, with expressive MMA fights Events in South Brazil. He also have a degree in Physical Education and Capoeira professional Teacher. Owner his on Gym in South Brazil ( RS State - Teutonia City ).

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Raul Bazanez  is an ASM Association athlete and professor. He has been training with us since 2009 , in that time he is a brown belt and join to our team to start fight MMA.He has fought many MMA Events in South Brazil, in the heavyweight. This several events put him in the National scenario of MMA. Actually his a third degree black belt, working as a personal security and training in free times.


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